Welcome Jiang Dianzhong from China Construction Eighth Engineering Division CORP.LTD to be committee nember!


Engineer. Jiang Dianzhong,China Construction Eighth Engineering Division CORP.LTD.China

Research Area:construction engineering、steel construction project

Research Experience:

July 2008~March 2009 Chinese Nineteenth Metallurgical Group Company of Ning Bo Branch.

March 2009~March 2010 New Caledonia Koniambo project of CNOOC Qingdao company.

March 2010~April 2011 Shan Dong quan Lin paper factory project of Chinese Mechanized construction Co.,Ltd

April 2011~Sept.2017 Chang jiang precision steel construction Co., Ltd

Oct.2017~till now  Quality director of Ji Nan & Qing dao High- Speed Railway project


2009,won PanZhihua scientific and technological progress second prize.

2012,My dissertation won excellence Award in Chinese steel construction annual meeting dissertation competition.

2012,publish my dissertation in Chinese core journal<<steel construction>>

2013,My dissertation won third-class prize in annual meeting dissertation competition of China Craft Association.

From 2014 till now,won a first-class price once,won second-class price & third-class price 4 times from the 8th-10th staff innovative achievements.in Wuhan city.

2018,My dissertation was published on “22nd Welding Academic Conference” which hold by Welding branch of China Machinery Association

Main achievements

Till now,I applied & authorized 9 patents of inventions, 25 utility models of a patents.

          I have had published 27 dissertations on core journal & national level periodicals.

Patents of inventions

《Technique for long penetration existed circular tube cutting curve & installation》CN201710531255.4

《Technique for circular tube get through box girder & structure》CN201710531258.8

《Technique from cross-type to pipe column & structure》CN201710531259.2

《Two times recovery of submerged arc welding flux & Separation of slag machine


《Circular tube cutting machine》CN201610614311.6

《H type Steel flange correction device & instruction》CN201510311819.4

《Method of double diamond structure connection 》CN201510313658.2 

《Device for ring board machining》CN201510243324.2 etc.


《Research & application for welding technology during soda recovery boiler water cooled wall 》Welder magazine,the second issue in 2012

《Thick plate welding technology during a bay project 》Welder magazine,the 12th issue in 2013

《Research & application for complex node of diamond combination structure of steel columns 》Welder magazine,the 5th issue in 2014

《Technology of multi layered and multi direction oblique brackets complex tubular Steel Column》

Journal of Architectural Technology,the 7th issue in 2015

《Winter welding technique Nickel mine engineering》Welding technology magazine,the 6th issue in 2010《Research & application for curve-formed technology in building steel structure》Journal of metal working,the 7th issue in 2017 etc.

《Research & application of device for two times recovery of welding wire》Journal of metal working,the 2nd issue in 2018.

Main engineering projects

July 2008~Mar.2009 

Main Projects:Papua New Guinea mining project,National priorities project of Bao xin stainless steel phase four project,China MCC13 pipeline project,Ningbo fishing port project etc.


Join in 1st Modularized project in the world-New Caledonia Koniambo nickel minerals project.


Join in the largest straw pulp & soda recovery boiler project in Asia,in Shandong Quanlin paper factory.


Main Projects:Yunnan landmark building-peaceful century project,Qinhuangdao five star hotel project-golden dream bay project,Beijing five star hotel-flying swallow hotel project,Changchun Olympic center project,Guiyang Longdongbao airport project,Chengdu museum project,Shijiazhuang railway station project,North Qingdao Railway station project & China aeronautical building、Beijing new airport、Wuhan Great wall project、Wuhan New World center phase three、Tianhe airport phase three 、Yichang Olympic Center projects etc.



Join in Jinan-Qingdao high speed railway station project.During my whole working career,almost all projects are accepted by proprietor & inspection and acceptance party.