Welcome Li Zhihong from Tsinghua University Architectural Design Research Institute Co., Ltd. to be committee nember!

Engineer.Li Zhihong,Tsinghua University Architectural Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.,China

Research Area:Environmentally Sustainable Design and Assessment

Research Experience:

Li Zhihong has over 5 years of research and consultancy project experience in the field of Sustainability and Environment. She is currently a consultant of the Sustainability and Environment teams. She has been actively involved in Environmentally Sustainable Design and Assessment. She has numbers publications which were presented in National core journals and conferences. She has been working on a variety of consultancy projects related to green design, including LEED and China Green Building Label.

Participate in standards, Design standard for 65% energy efficiency of residential buildings in Guangzhou. Project supported by the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province;

Journal List

l Zhihong LI,Lihua Zhao,Cuicui Qin.The study on energy saving efficiency factors of residential building in Guangzhou area. Eleventh Academic Conference of Architectural Physics in China,2012:216-219.

l  Zhihong LI,Lihua Zhao,Xiaoshan Yang.The research on energy efficiency of residential building in Guangzhou. Applied Mechanics & Materials,2013, 368-370: 1308- 1313.

l  Zhihong LI,Yu Hong,Cuicui Qin.Optimization design of natural daylight based on external horizontal shading deices. Building energy saving,2015 (4):79-82.

l  Zhihong LI,Cuicui Qin.Notability analysis of building daylight influence factors based on orthogonal design method. Building Technology,2015, 46(11): 1002-1005.

       l  Qifei Yang, Zhihong.Li,Shi Xiong.Comparison for simulation of natural ventilation in building atrium using different flow models. Building energy saving, 2014(5):8-11.